ECU Engine Reprogramming

Description of an engine programming

1. Engine mapping: what does it consist of? This is an engine management file that consists of engine control unit (ECU) setpoint tables. The latter is similar to an automaton which ensures the correct operation of the motor. Indeed, the ECU manages the proper functioning of the internal combustion engine by means of a set of actuators. The mapping thus plays the role of regulating the operation of the engine by means of setpoint values fixed in its maps.

 2. Reprogramming and engine mapping: what is it? The electronic box, also called ECU, equips most vehicles with injection engines and makes it possible to regulate the operation of the engine. This unit is commonly called a computer and can be reprogrammed in order to optimize the performance of the vehicle.
The engine ECU comprises a series of parameters which control the operation of the engine as well as its fuel consumption. Thus, reprogramming the computer consists of optimizing these parameters in order to improve engine power and torque and to reduce fuel consumption.

3. How is the engine ECU reprogrammed? To do this, all you have to do is modify the original parameters of the computer and modify the quantity of fuel injected as well as the explosion phase of the engine cycle.
However, this intervention must be carried out by experienced professionals to ensure its effectiveness and to avoid any risk of damage to the engine. The professionalism of Panther-technologies welcomes you to reprogram your vehicle's computer and optimize the engine for optimal performance.

 4. What are the advantages of modifying the engine mapping? Modifying the engine map has several advantages. Among them, we mention: Greatly improve vehicle performance without having to change engine parts. It is possible to increase the engine power up to 35% of its original power without any risk;
Higher engine torque from the lowest revs;
Faster and smoother revs;
Lean fuel consumption.
Improve the ecological performance of the vehicle without removing the DPF.
Ability to restore original settings at any time.
During an automobile maintenance, if the vehicle passes over a manufacturer's suitcase, our intervention remains invisible.

5. Are there any risks associated with reprogramming the mapping? To tell the truth, reprogramming the computer does not present any risk, the first thing to consider is that it is an operation which requires the intervention of a real specialist, whose most suitable equipment is to go through the OBD socket, without any disassembly or change of Electronic Chip or Eprom.

6. The TurboFullPower service is at your service for the modification of the engine mapping and reprogramming: We put the skills of our technicians at your disposal for a reliable and quality reprogramming service, at the best price. We take care to ensure efficient and satisfactory engine optimization.

Order a home intervention

ECU remapping Gasoline & Diesel engine

To do this, 3 steps must be followed:

  • Checking the car's engine (diagnostic error code),
  • ECU reprogramming, ECU software modification phase
  • Test and road test of the result.

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